Thinking of using Google apps? Good Choice! Now we understand setting Google Apps up may be difficult or just simply time consuming, lucky for you thats exactly what we do! Sign up and our experienced Google experts will set up your Google Apps account for you worry free.
Once you sign up we will also send you our collected knowledge/tips from years of experience and observation.
Our setup services have no "hidden fees" or "extra costs" and if you sign up for our Advanced Package you even get live customer support. 

We Provide
Verifying Domain Ownership  ✓
Setting up MX Records (Activating Email Accounts) ✓
Setting up Sub-Domains ✓
 Creating Multiple User Accounts ✓
 Live Tech support  ✓  
Website Conversion to Google Sites  ✓  
Website Creation ✓
Social Media Setup ✓
Social Media Promotion ✓
SEO Services ✓
Videography ✓
Video Promotion ✓